Welcome to the International Institute of Development

The IID is a not for profit virtual institute affiliated to The Escotet Foundation. It is a forum for discussion, debates, information, publications, and scholarly work with focus on scientific, social, economical and educational issues on development.

In Focus

The journal for international development. A resource and meeting ground for all graduate students of international development studies with a special focus on comparative, intercultural and international educational issues.

The Forum

Writings of graduate students, professionals, and UNESCO/UNU papers from the Chair of the History and Future of the University. For further discussion and ideas related to international development education studies.


Links and resources devoted to special issues of development. Currently a focus on the Spanish-speaking Americas.

InterEduc Conference Room

Discussion room open to those interested in international and intercultural issues.

OneWorld Education

A further resource for those interested in education and development. Includes an active discussion list for topics in international and comparative education.