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“Today there is a need to educate for uncertainty”

Posted ago

In this interview, Miguel Angel Escotet reveals the key factors for achieving an education adapted to modern times.

New Scholarly Book on Research in Science and Technology

Posted ago
Book Presentation

The book is the result of an extensive research project directed by Dr. Escotet and focuses on the exploratory analysis of the system of science and technology in Latin America.

Robert Arnove: How Great Teachers Make Top Students

Posted ago

The book Talent Abounds: Profiles of Master Teachers and Peak Performers, from Paradigm Publishers written by Robert Arnove, Chancellor’s Professor emeritus at Indiana University and a leading scholar of comparative and international education, suggests that great teachers who turn out …

Interview with Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom

Posted ago

“We can’t just sit around waiting for the global solution,” alerts Dr. Elinor Ostrom regarding climate change.