Submission Guidelines

Editorial Policies

In Focus is a not-for-profit online journal that publishes papers, essays and book reviews related to areas of international, intercultural and comparative education. The journal strives to represent an interdisciplinary approach to education from different fields as sociology, anthropology, psychology, politology, economics, earth and natural sciences.

It will be the author’s choice to decide, if the work they provide to the journal should be considered for presentation in one of two ways. Material can be forwarded with the simple declaration that it be included in the Open Forum, the open posting section of the journal. It will then be published in this manner without comment or recommendation of the Editorial Board. The only stipulations being that its content defines it as pertaining the field of International and Comparative Education and it complies with the minimum stylistic requirements to be mentioned hereafter. The second option is to request that the work receive the formal and competitive review of the editorial board. A select number of works will then be posted in each issue in a separate section as having been selected by the board. One can always request that a submission referred to the board and not chosen, would then appear in the former section. Authors should not preclude that the determinations of the board are in any way a reflection on the quality of their work.

All manuscripts submitted for the peer-reviewed section of the journal are subject to two blind reviews by graduate students. All authors, regardless of acceptance or rejection, will be notified within twelve weeks of manuscript submission.

There are some basic guidelines regarding the submission of material that we would ask that you adhere to, in order to maintain the integrity of the content material and to provide for the conversion of your submission to a compatible format.

Manuscript length should be no more than 30 double spaced pages and in strict American Psychological Association style format (APA Manual of Style – Fifth Edition). Please, refer to Chapter Five of the APA Manual, pages 283-330. Submissions not in adherence to APA style will not be considered for review. An abstract of no more than 120 words should be included in the submission. All material presented should be forwarded to the editorial board composed in Microsoft Word. The file containing the selection should be attached to an E-mail. These two stipulations are the only mandatory ones. To ensure anonymity if the article submitted is to be peer-reviewed, please include according to APA style, a title page with author(s) name(s) and institutional affiliation, and remove all personal references from the text. If this article is accepted for publication, the author(s) must then submit a final version on computer disk or as an email attachment (to the editors).

A statement by the author stating the manuscript has not been previously published elsewhere should be included with the original submission of manuscript.

Copyright Policy

Copyright for all text of all issues of In Focus are held by the journal. Anyone seeking to republish any part or section of the journal must gain written permission form the author and editorial board of In Focus. The journal’s name and web address as well as author’s name must be attached to any copies made for research purposes. Appropriate citations for each paper, essay and book review are provided. InFocus will only be viewed at its official publication site (

Requests to copy or reproduce material from this journal should be addressed to In Focus directly to the journal manager.

Please submit your articles, papers, book reviews and other manuscripts to the editors at