Call for Papers

In Focus is currently requesting submissions for papers, essays and book reviews primarily in the following international and/or intercultural areas:

  • Adult, Distance and Non-Formal Education
  • Comparative Higher Education
  • Economics and Development Education
  • Education Reform
  • Educational Planning and Evaluation
  • Educational Technology in an International Perspective
  • Environment and Development Education
  • Gender Studies in Comparative Education
  • Global Higher Education Issues
  • Globalization and De/Centralization
  • International Agencies and Education
  • International Conflict Resolution and Analysis
  • International Distance Learning
  • Media and Globalization
  • Methodology in Comparative Education
  • National Education Systems
  • NGO’s and Education
  • Post-Modern Education and New Social Movements
  • Schooling (Equity, Effectiveness, Change)
  • Social and Political Issues in International Education
  • Special Education in an International Context
  • Sustainable Development
  • Theories and Underlying Ideologies of Education
  • Transcultural and Intercultural Education

Submissions relevant to any related field will also be considered.

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