About Us

The Online Journal of Comparative, International and Intercultural Education

In Focus is a not-for-profit international, intercultural and comparative education online graduate student journal of the International Institute of Development and collaborates with the UNESCO and United Nations University Chair on History and Future of the University. In Focus publishes papers, essays and book reviews from US and non-US graduate students offering innovative perspectives to current topics of focus in each issue of the journal. In Focus is edited and governed by faculty and graduate students with support and advisement from a Faculty Advisory Board.


The rationale of In Focus is to provide a forum where graduate students from around the globe are able to publish papers, essays and book reviews. The vision is for the forum to be a highly reputable on-line journal increasing the scholarship of graduate students. In Focus is committed to the diversity of people and disciplines. In Focus opens communication by presenting diverse perspectives. In Focus exemplifies innovation by providing a scholarly on-line journal for graduate student publications run by peers.


In Focus is a graduate student on-line journal where graduate students are encouraged and invited to publish scholarly papers, essays and book reviews. The journal provides an interactive academic environment as well as serves as an additional resource for both contributors and readers.


There are two sections where manuscripts may be published:

  • Peer-reviewed: Manuscripts submitted for this section are subject to two blind reviews by faculty and graduate students.
  • Non-peer-reviewed: Manuscripts submitted and selected for this section are non-reviewed and posted in a non-peer reviewed section that we have named Open Forum of the journal for the duration of the issue. During the first stage, this section will publish articles in Spanish as well as in English. In the future we plan to expand this section to other languages.

In Focus is published twice yearly in the Spring and Fall. Each issue includes a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles and two book reviews. There is no limit on non-peer reviewed publications. A special issues will be published once a year under the peer-reviewed section.

Editorial Board

A graduate student based editorial board runs In Focus. The editorial board is made up of faculty and graduate students in the area of education. The Director of the International Institute of Development (IID) appoints the editors and these appoint the associate editors for two-year terms. Editorial board members must be faculty or active graduate students for a period of one year during their service.

Faculty Advisory Board

A faculty advisory board supports and advises the graduate student editorial board in accomplishing the Journal’s academic and professional mission.

Faculty Advisory Board


Miguel Ángel Escotet
University of Texas at Brownsville, US
UNESCO & United Nations University Chair

Advisory Members

Robert Arnove
Indiana University, US

Mark Bray
International Institute of Educational Planning-UNESCO, France

Joseph P. Farrell
Ontario Institute for Studies
in Education, Canada

Visitación Pereda
University of Deusto,

Mark Hanson
University of California, US

Suzanne Grant Lewis
Harvard University, US

Sheryl L. Lutjens
Northern Arizona University, US

Simon Marginson
Monash University, Australia

David Post
University of Pittsburgh, US

Birgit Brock-Utne
University of Oslo, Norway

Editorial Board


Michael Adams
Montgomery County Schools, Maryland
Washinton D.C, US

Associate Editors

Andrea Brewster
University of California, US

Kurt De Wit
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Deborah Drucker
George Washington University, US

Roger Geertz Gonzalez
Florida International University, US

Katherine Taylor Haynes
Vanderbilt University, US

Tracy Holland
New York University, US

Keiko Inoue
Stanford University, US

Josee Makropoulos
University of Toronto, Canada

Simona Popa
University of Pittsburgh, US

Sepi Rouhani
University of Witwatersand, South Africa

Michelle Spinella
Florida State University, US